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Day 67 of First read through of Magacian by RAymon E Feist

So, The last two months and 6 days have been .. well busy . So i haven’t had much time to read , But today , was a once in 66 day break , so i decided to read.
First of all, Whats up with all the multi world bushiness and when are we going to finally understand whats going on with them . Sure, I get that Pug got sucked in by the Magical device on one of the Tsuran Mage/warlock and sent to the Kelewan where he is accepted into there council of mages because all mages are the equivalent of kings there or something along those lines. I think the use of the “illusion” to showcase the history of Tsuran people was an awesome idea, When i was reading that section, i was just blown away by this image of Pug standing on top of a tower, looking down as hundred’s of years of history just unfolds in front of him. That’s pretty much as far as the story has gotten for the “Main” Character. Ohh, and he can access both worlds magic or something. They book hasn’t explained that yet, considering i just found out about it šŸ™‚ .

Tomas and the magic Armour of the Dragon riders is just awesome. I love the idea of him transforming into a half human half elf . Other then hitting on the Queen of elves a fair bit, he hasn’t done much other then allot of killing of Tsuranians.

So far, when i get time to read the book, i enjoy it allot, i cant wait till pug some how escapes and returns home or the Midkemians Fight back and some how attack Kelewan .

See you in 66 days šŸ˜›


Day 2 of First Read through of Magician By Raymond E Feist

Magician Book Cover

A read through Ā , why is a read through on a tech blog your asking .. well , people keep telling me to write things down when i am reading books to fully enjoy them and whats better then wiriting down so the whole world can enjoy and troll šŸ™‚

Spoiler warning

First and foremost … A DRAGON .. A Dragon !!!. Just as i thought this book was going to slow down a little bit , Mr Feist throws a huge fire breathing spanner in the works .. Sure, The part is only small and well, From what i have read so far, not thatĀ important.. ItĀ caughtĀ meĀ completelyĀ off guard. What’s up with the goldĀ ArmourĀ and sword .. are they spoused to be theĀ equivalentĀ of theĀ ArmourĀ frodoĀ gets from the elves or is it just a throw away plot piece that we will not hear about , honestly , i am always happy to read about the history ofĀ ancientĀ ArmourĀ with specialĀ qualities.

Other then the Dragon, we also had a nice encounter with aĀ wraithĀ  and some dark brotherhood.

My only petĀ peeveĀ is that the lore is very very similar to the usual HighĀ fantasyĀ setting where elves areĀ majesticĀ beings that live in forest and live to a million and dwarfs are short, fat, live in caves and live to 1/2 million while the “humans” are theĀ plagueĀ of the world and live to a ripe age of 60 (if they don’t get eating by a dragon or someĀ goblinsĀ before hand) . Ā Hopefully the whole other dimensions section of the story will break apart that stereotypes.

Anyway , back to Uni work … bah who am i kidding, back to Reading šŸ™‚